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Chondroitin Supplements – Good or Bad?

By Steve Walsh April 07, 2021 0 comments

Chondroitin sulfate is the major glycosaminoglycan (GAGS) found in cartilage. It promotes water retention and elasticity in the cartilage, helping to ensure adequate shock absorption and adequate nourishment of the tissues that line the joint. Like glucosamine, with which it is often combined in supplements, chondroitin may also inhibit the production of inflammatory mediators that are destructive to the joint. 

Certain large breed dogs can be particularly prone to hip and joint issues and so I recommend the use of hip and joint supplements dogs suffering from these problems – in fact I add it daily to my own pack of German Shepherds to help with strong and healthy joint development in pups as well as effective maintenance and repair in my older dog.

Any pet with degenerative joint disease and arthritis may benefit from treatment with chondroitin. It also has shown promise in injectable form for the treatment of degenerative disk disease (there are cartilaginous pads between vertebrae) and in the oral form as a method of replenishing the glycosaminoglycan layer that normally protects mucosal (mucous membrane of internal structures) surfaces such as the bladder and intestinal tract.

Older dogs with arthritis may experience significant pain reduction, allowing improved mobility in arthritic limbs. Increased mobility leads to more ability to exercise, thereby improving strength and a happier more active dog. have a specially formulated Hip & Joint supplement containing the correct amount of Chondroitin and other beneficial natural ingredients to keep your German Shepherd Dog happy and healthy.


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