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What are some of the benefits of using a supplement containing Chondroitin over conventional pain relief drugs?

By Steve Walsh April 09, 2021 0 comments

Experience suggests that most dogs may appreciably benefit from chondroitin administration and others not at all. It is difficult to anticipate which animals are most likely to respond however given the potential for benefit and the extremely low risk of any adverse side effects, chondroitin supplementation is always recommended for animals suffering with joint pain.

Where a definite benefit is seen, is in the use of supplements containing Chondroitin over the use of more expensive and potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of joint pain. These drugs may include the NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin, carprofen and meloxicam. Avoiding these drugs where possible for a more natural organic solution is always preferable.

Chondroitin has the added benefit of not just treating the symptom but actually helping in the repair of the issue causing the pain.

In cases where pain and discomfort are extreme, and the use of drugs is necessary the use of a supplement containing chondroitin would still be beneficial as it protects mucosal barriers and may not only enhance pain relief in animals administered NSAIDS drugs but help protect their intestinal tracts from ulcerations which are occasionally seen as a side effect of NSAID use.

Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint supplements are an excellent source of Chondroitin for your German Shepherd.

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