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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint compare to the other top brands? 

See for yourself. We have higher dosages of the top three ingredients which gives better results especially in large breed dogs and we cost less per month. 

Don't be fooled by higher quantities of tablets per bottle - work out the daily dosage and cost per month to see the real cost. 

Of course the real benefit is in the results.

Order Just4GSD Hip & Joint Supplements Now for Your Dog

What is Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint Complex with MSM beneficial for:



Hip Dysplasia

Knee Dysplasia

ACL Tears


Atrophy in Leg & Knee


Improved mobility

Increased Energy

Joint Metabolism

Is this safe to use with other medications?

YES! our natural formulation is 100% safe to use with medications. In fact you may find that it will replace many drugs used to treat the hip and joint related symptoms your dog may be medicated for. Many of these drugs can have harmful side effects over time. 

Will Jst4GSD Hip & Joint work for my dog too?

Don't let the name confuse you, thousands of dogs in all breeds, sizes and weights continue to benefit every month from Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint Supplements to relieve from arthritis and joint pain.

If your dog has a situation similar to the other dogs you may have read about in our reviews, then this product may likely help your dog too.

That being said, every dog is unique and unfortunately there are some dogs that have problems this formula cannot solve. This is exactly why we offer a 90 day risk-free money back guarantee.

Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint Supplements are also used to prevent against arthritis and joint pain in all active dogs especially:

  • Highly active dogs
  • Working dogs
  • Service Dogs
  • Military and Police Dogs
  • Dogs who do sports and compete
  • Pets like yours!

How do your supplements compare on price?

Even if you consider you are getting more for your money with our increased key ingredients, we are still cheaper than the leading supplement brands. 

Simply put we give you more for your money. 

Order Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint Supplements Now for Your Dog

Where is Jst4Dogs Supplements made?

Our products are proudly made in the USA with the finest ingredients.

We produce everything in our FDA certified facility.

Every batch of supplements is tested for safety and purity by an independent lab. 

How much is the shipping?

Great news... not only do we offer a 90-day money back guarantee, we also provide free shipping in the US on all orders of 2 units or more of Jst4Dogs Supplements. Water Bottles are charged at our low shipping rates depending on your location.

For international orders Free Shipping thresholds will vary by location but generally there is FREE SHIPPING on orders of 3 supplement bottles or more. Water Bottles are charged at our low shipping rates depending on your location.

If you’re trying this product for the first time and only want to start with 1 bottle, we only charge you our cost of $6.87 for postage and handling. (US Orders)

Is Green-lipped mussel oil better than powder?

"Most of the studies examining the anti-inflammatory properties of green-lipped mussels have used an oil extract. Interestingly, research indicates EPA may be better absorbed from powdered forms than from oil extracts." - Feb. 1, 2021

Are your higher dosages of some ingredients safe? 

Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint Supplements have similar ingredients to most of the leading brands. Our dosages of two of the top three ingredients are higher but this is completely safe for your dog as they are natural ingredients and will not harm your dog. Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint is not known to have any side effects or contraindications. Glucosamine has previously been associated with gastrointestinal upset and increased urination in some dogs. In this event, discontinue administering. Jst4Dogs is not intended for use in other animals but can be used for all dogs if dosage directions are followed correctly. Feel free to ask your Vet! We have not yet heard of a vet who has did not recommend it after seeing the ingredients!

My vet recommended something else. What should I do? 

I'm not surprised your vet has not heard of Jst4Dogs supplements, our company is small, and our brand is very focused. We are not a one size fits all supplement. If your veterinarian is not familiar with Jst4Dogs, please have them email questions to or show them our ingredients. We have not heard of any vets who have not been impressed once they compare our ingredients. 

Order Jst4Dogs Hip & Joint Supplements Now for Your Dog

My dog is still quite young, is this only for older dogs? 

We recommend that you start your dog on our Hip & Joint Supplements at around 6 months old as it will assist in the healthy development and later maintenance of joints. Older dogs with existing problems would benefit from the Hip & Joint to help with the rebuilding and repair of damage and reduce inflammation. Older dogs will really appreciate a combination of our Jst4Dogs Hip and Joint together with Golden Years supplements.

Is this safe for my dogs? 

Every Jst4Dogs product is sent to an independent laboratory for testing to ensure they are safe for your pets consumption before they are permitted to leave our facility. All of our products are made in a US FDA Certified Lab. We take great pride in our business and we are committed to providing safe and effective products that help dogs feel their best.

Will my dog like the taste?

According to the feedback we've had from many happy customers, most dogs LOVE the bacon & liver taste, but if your dog doesn't, simply add it to their food. 

My dog has a sensitive stomach. Will this be OK? 

Yes, if you dog has a sensitive stomach try easing into the full-strength dose for your dogs weight as indicated on the label over a 2-week period. 

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